Fusarium patch lawn disease (microdochium nivale)

Fusarium patch disease is a very common fungal lawn disease throughout the whole of the UK. It is also sometimes called fuzz, snow mould or Microdochium patch. The current Latin name for it is Microdochium nivale (syn. Monographella nivalis), but it was previously called Fusarium nivale, from which it gained its most common name. Fusarium patch disease is the most common… Read More »

Common dandelion (taraxacum officinale)

The common dandelion is probably the most well known of all British lawn weeds. Most of us can remember ourselves as children, picking their curious ball-shaped seed heads and blowing them into the wind. They seem to be ingrained into our memories of summer. The latin name for the dandelion is taraxacum officiale. ‘Taraxacum’ being the latin family… Read More »

Autumn Lawn Mowing

The autumn season is an important time of year for your grass, as it struggles to make the most use of the fast-reducing sunlight hours by creating more leaves in preparation for winter. However, this late flush in growth can make the lawn untidy so it should still be mown regularly. Autumn lawn mowing is important When considering… Read More »